About – Darrel Letendre 

My career in Fabrication began in 1989 and I completed my full apprenticeship developing a solid foundation and valuable experience in the Environmental, Mining/Minerals & Oil/Gas, and Pulp & Paper sectors. I also became an Industrial First Aid Attendant, holding level 2 & 3 certifications for 10 years. Since then, my journey has continued for more than 27 years in Fabrication.

I started working with the City of Vancouver in 1997 in the Fabrication Shop progressing to Operations Superintendent where for the last 10 years I have managed a team of 45 trades’ staff, including 8 Trades foreman in Fabrication, Machine, Carpentry, Mechanical, and Body Shops. Throughout the years, I have developed extensive knowledge and experience in Project Management implementing a variety of specialized custom manufacturing, structural, infrastructure, and custom field installations. In 2006, I would complete the BCIT Certificate in Management, Part Time Studies Program, with honors.

Throughout my lifetime I have always had an interest in sharing what I have learned with others. Whether it be a swimming instructor, coaching three generations of baseball, to aspire a part-time career teaching drums and percussion, and now pursuing a career instructing Metal Fabrication. For myself, it has been very gratifying to see others benefit from what I was able to help them achieve, having made a difference and a positive impact on one’s life.

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